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Making it easier to stop driving
Stopping driving does not have to limit your life and freedom. Stay engaged in all your important activities out and about in the community.

6 weeks with your peers and coach

Your weekly group workshops will provide you with the building blocks to becoming car free.

Evaluate the options that suit your lifestyle

Every person is different, so your plan for going car free will be unique and personalised to meet your needs.

Keep doing what you love, car free

Becoming car free doesn’t have to stop you from being you, being who you want to be, doing what you want to do.  
What people are saying
Testimonial from Heather
“I have learned about finding alternative means of transport, planning with more wisdom, the search for best retirement options. The information supplied, support and encouragement, professionalism of the program have all been very useful.”

Brisbane, QLD

Testimonial from George
“The useful information and the common positive ways of the group helped in overcoming the desire to keep driving after more than 55 years. The need to drive has been dissipated and the camaraderie of the group was such that I looked forward to each session.”

Sunshine Coast, QLD

CarFreeMe Coach testimonial
“The groups offer very practical strategies and information about continuing to live well after you stop driving. You are learning from and with people who are going through the same experiences, so it is a supportive and friendly environment

QLD CarFreeMe coach

* These testimonials are from actual participants in the Car Free Me (formerly UQ Drive) Program trials.  We have used fictitious names and stock images as participants gave their feedback anonymously.
Why CarFreeMe works
CarFreeMe works because it is based on an effective, evidence-based, and client-centred approach to enabling people to continue doing what they love,car free. Since 2008, a multi-disciplinary team from The University of Queensland have been developing and evaluating the Car Free Me Program (formerly known as UQ Drive), in collaboration with the community.

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