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How does the coaching program work?

CarFreeMe has been designed for registered health practitioners (e.g. occupational therapists) who are monitoring and helping individuals with driving cessation. The coaching program consists of 10 lessons that can be completed online and at your own pace. As information needs to be locally relevant, flexibility has been built in with local content sections that the health professional tailors based on the group’s needs and geographic location. 

Become a coach

To train and become a CarFreeMe Coach, you must be a qualified and registered allied health professional (e.g. Occupational Therapist) who has successfully completed the CarFreeMe Coach Accreditation Course, enabling you to conduct CarFreeMe Program workshops in your local area.

A CarFreeMe Coach has the expertise and skills to guide and support you to be car free, and will maintain a high standard of professionalism in tailoring the program to your local area and lifestyle.

Become a CarFreeMe coach.

“To stop driving is not the end of the world.”
Valery*, Brisbane QLD

“Overall I learned more in 6 weeks than I have known in the last 12 months since I stopped driving.”
Dave*, Sunshine Coast QLD

What is a CarFreeMe workshop?

Accredited coaches deliver CarFreeMe workshops to small groups over 6 weeks. Weekly sessions provide participants with the building blocks to becoming car free and are tailored to meet an individual’s unique needs and goals. Flexibility within the program allows coaches to tailor the workshop to the local geography. On completion of the workshop, participants exit with a personalised CarFreeMe Plan, giving them the confidence to take their first steps toward doing what they love, car free.

“I am learning some things I did not know about public transport.”
Elizabeth*, Sunshine Coast QLD

“All the information during the workshops have been useful. It is good getting on the bus for the first time in three years and a train.”
Henry*, Sunshine Coast QLD

Coaching Program Overview

Lesson 1: Course overview, what driving means, behaviour and models of change. 

Lesson 2: Awareness, wellbeing, preparation and running a tailored program. 

Lesson 3: Session structure, facilitation goals, personal examples, and support. 

Lesson 4: Structure, decision-making, assessment, case studies, and unlicensed driving. 

Lesson 5: Changing habits, loss and grief, owning decisions, and problem-solving. 

Lesson 6: Sharing personal experiences, overcoming stigmatisation, and providing an outlet. 

Lesson 7: Alternate transport, cost comparisons, planning outings, and objectives. 

Lesson 8: Looking to the future, ageing well, reflection, setting goals, and conserving energy.  

Lesson 9: Realistic expectations, having a voice, your influence, and future planning. 

Lesson 10: A fresh perspective, warning signs, assumptions, confidentiality, final thoughts. 

* Each lesson has links to a comprehensive suite of rich supporting videos and downloadable resources that you can tailor for your local group’s needs including slide decks, handbooks, and a workbook.

“Now my intention is to plan for when I retire from driving seriously.” Rob*, Brisbane QLD

“I got in the habit of planning my week/month and better use my time. I now look into travel options I hadn’t tried before.” Caroline*, Brisbane QLD

Coaching Program Details
  • Prospective coaches may complete the program at their own pace, however we recommend completing within a 6-8 week timeframe.

  • Estimated hours required for completion of the 10 modules is 10 hours.

  • A CarFreeMe accredited coaching certificate is received upon completion.



“It was useful to hear how others have overcome problems.” Stuart*, Brisbane QLD

“We had open honest discussion with other members of the group about our feelings when we stop driving.” Eugene*, Sunshine Coast QLD

* These testimonials are from actual participants in the CarFreeMe (formerly UQ Drive) Program trials.  We have used fictitious names, as participants gave their feedback anonymously.

Frequently Asked Questions: Coaching Program
Does the coaching program count toward CPD?

As an allied health professional, the coaching program may count toward your requisite Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as defined by your professional registering body.

Is the coaching program available outside of Australia?

Yes it is. Flexibility has been built into the program enabling it be tailored to group needs and geography. Please contact us to enquire about becoming an accredited coach in your country. 

How much does the coaching program cost?

The cost of the program is scaled depending on the number of participants. Please contact us to enquire about the cost for your health network or as an individual participant. 

How do I communicate with the program facilitators throughout the course and other accredited coaches after the course?

The program facilitators are always available to help you if you have queries on course content or other general enquiries. Please contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible. 

We are currently working on building a secure, online community where accredited Coaches will be able to post questions and comment on other participants questions.

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?

When you complete each of the 10 lessons in the CarFreeMe Coaching course, you will be prompted to submit the completed workbook and declarationThis is our way of ensuring you got the most out of the course. Your completion certificate will be awarded after you have visited all sections of the online material and uploaded your completed workbook.

Frequently Asked Questions: Workshops
What is a workshop?

An accredited coach delivers the CarFreeMe program in a workshop to small groups over 6 weeks. Weekly sessions provide participants with the building blocks to becoming car free and are tailored to meet an individual’s unique needs and goals. Please contact us, and we will put you on the waitlist for when a CarFreeMe Program is available in your area.

How do I sign up for the workshop?

Please contact us, and we will put you on the waitlist for when a CarFreeMe Program is available in your area.  If you are a CarFreeMe coach running workshops in your local area, let us know so we can share availability.

How long do the workshops go for?
The workshop program consist of 6 weekly workshops, each sequenced to provide you with the building blocks to becoming car free. Each workshop is between 2 – 3 hours duration.  Your coach will take a flexible approach to meeting your needs, so may offer individual sessions or different formats if needed.
Who attends the workshop?

The size of each workshop may vary, depending on where and when it is held. As a guide, there may be 8 to 15 other people attending the workshops. Each workshop is facilitated by a trained professional accredited CarFreeMe Coach. The workshops have a community spirit, and sometimes guest speakers and “CarFree” peers may also visit to share their experiences.

What kind of information can I expect in a workshop?
Information will be shared through discussion, guest speakers, practical activities and outcomes and written materials. During the program, your coach will support you and your group in exploring successful ageing strategies, staying involved and active, driving decisions and driving safety, adjusting to life changes, experiences of others who have stopped driving, alternative transport options in your local area and how to use it, lifestyle planning and goal setting, practical problem solving (e.g. how to do the Christmas shopping car free), and advocating to improve local transport options and supports.
Where do the workshops take place?
Workshops can be held in a variety of community spaces and environments including libraries, community halls and health venues, retirement villages – providing there is enough quiet space for up to 15 participants to take part in a group workshop discussion. They are usually located close to local public transport options, too.
What if its been years since I caught public transport?

Navigating your way around public transport can be daunting for most people, especially if it has been a long time since you last caught a bus or a train or used a taxi.  Accredited coaches will work with you to map out your journey options and if this involves public transport, they will support you to take those first trips and show you how to use public transport services such as information phone numbers, fare calculators, and journey planners.

Other CarFreeMe programs
We are currently developing other CarFreeMe programs.
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